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After observing Jupiter tonight for 4 hours I saw no trace of any unusual remnants from the reported impact. The site rotated on the face around 0000. While detail was excellent no trace of impact was seen.

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Looks like there's no "maybe" about this one. I saw a notice in my SpaceWeather e-newsletter after reading the post. They've got some details on the impact at (I've included the full url in case someone doesn't get a chance to view the article today. If I just put up the main url ( and someone visits it on the 16th, they'll get whatever news is posted for that day. That said, there is a red "archives" date selection just to the right of the article so you can view past items of interest. Simply choose the month, day, and year, from the pull-down selection and then click the "view" button.)

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It may be that something hit Jupiter last night. I saw no indications of anything unusual but maybe we should monitor the planet for the next few days. May change or may not but it would be a pity to miss a repeat of the great impact years ago.

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