BBAA September Skywatch

Kent Blackwell

We all had a great time last night at the September 2021 BBAA Skywatch. It was nice seeing so many faces, including Brian and Karen M, whom I haven't seen in several years. I arrived at 7:15 and there was only one space left to set up, so I set up next to Shawn L and Gabriel. If you don't know Gabriel yet, you're in for a treat. My goodness, he is so fast finding deep sky object imaginable, and with no electronics. In fact most objects he knew how to find from memory. His only reference was the Jumbo Pocket Atlas from Sky & Telescope. Gabriel is only 17. He was wound up tighter than a John Cameron Swayze doing a Timex watch commercial. Sorry, younger generations you'll have that up. The sky was crystal clear but I was very disappointed in the seeing, Saturn and Jupiter looked terrible Did that alter the public's enthusiasm? No way, everyone was enamored to see Saturn. Jupiter was fun too, because Io was nearly in contract with Jupiter. Here's a list of most of the objects I observed, and shared with many folks. Thank goodness Gabriel was next door to me because he shared views with the biggest crowd, and he loved every minute of it!

Kent Blackwell

List: 21/09/11 BBAA Skywatch

Achird - Eta Cas
(Variable Double Star in Cassiopeia)

Pacman Nebula - NGC 281
(Bright Nebula in Cassiopeia)

NGC 6210
(Planetary Nebula in Hercules)

Messier 92
(Globular Cluster in Hercules)

Tom Thumb Cluster - NGC 6451
(Open Cluster in Scorpius)

Cat's Eye Nebula - NGC 6543
(Planetary Nebula in Draco)

Messier 28
(Globular Cluster in Sagittarius)

Messier 22
(Globular Cluster in Sagittarius)

Messier 56
(Globular Cluster in Lyra)

Dumbbell Nebula - M 27
(Planetary Nebula in Vulpecula)

Saturn Nebula - NGC 7009
(Planetary Nebula in Aquarius)

Messier 15
(Globular Cluster in Pegasus)

Messier 2
(Globular Cluster in Aquarius)

IC 5217
(Planetary Nebula in Lacerta)

Blue Snowball Nebula - NGC 7662
(Planetary Nebula in Andromeda)

Helix Nebula - NGC 7293
(Planetary Nebula in Aquarius)

Hercules Cluster - M 13
(Globular Cluster in Hercules)

Lagoon Nebula - M 8
(Bright Nebula in Sagittarius)

Omega Nebula - M 17
(Bright Nebula in Sagittarius)

Little Dumbbell Nebula - M 76
(Planetary Nebula in Perseus)

Messier 30
(Globular Cluster in Capricornus)

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