Planetary Nebula Central Stars

Kent Blackwell

Last night I tried my hand at seeing a central stars in a few planetary nebulae. The most challenging is the central star in M 57, The Ring Nebula. I could count the times in one hand I've seen it in 50 years. Using my 25" I was not able to see it with a 16mm Nagler (200x), nor could I see it bumping the power up to 635x with a Pentax 5mm. Finally using a 7mm Pentax at 435x I saw it for one fleeting second, then again; quickly disappearing as fast as it appeared.
Almost as challenging is the central star in NGC 7009, The Saturn Nebula. This time it popped into view using a 3.5mm Pentax, at a whopping 907x.
Lastly was the very blue central star in NGC 6891 in Sagittarius. It's small so I had to once again use the 3.5mm Pentax at 907x. It reminds me of the above Saturn Nebula, being slightly flattened.

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