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It will be interesting to see how seeing develops over the next few days. It certainly was a good night with very low light scatter due to the exceptional clean air. It was noticeably darker in the back yard. If I recall that 907x was a bit of a surprise as I came away with the impression that you thought you had a lower power eye piece.

I remember reading somewhere that there was no point in having large aperture in the urban areas but I suspect that whoever wrote that has had very little observing experience in light impacted areas with a large telescope. Much ink is spilled in magazines by those who live under dark skies, as would be expected, but little from observers of more typical locations.

It is remarkable how little planetaries care about light pollution. In a way it is more of a miracle that a telescope can fish these objects out of what is otherwise a blank sky.

On Friday, September 3, 2021, 09:19:06 AM EDT, Kent Blackwell <kent@...> wrote:

I really miss observing in dark Coinjock skies with the 25" telescope but I'm having fun observing in light polluted skies as well, and it's so convenient having the telescope in my own backyard. Not only do the planets look amazing (when seeing allows) but so do planetary nebulae. Last night NGC 7009, The Saturn Nebula looked amazing using a 3.5mm Pentax eyepiece that yielded a whopping 907x. Also interesting was NGC 6818, The Little Gem in Sagittarius at high power. Shifting back to only 200x NGC 6537 "The Red Spider" was interesting, hardly resembling a spider though. The real jewel of the night was M 17, The Omega Nebula, especially when using a nebula fitter such as the OII or the Orion UltraBlock at 200x. Oh yes, and the Great Red Spot was dead center on Jupiter's meridian. Seeing wasn't what it was before remnants of Hurricane Ida slipped north and west of us but it was still quite impressive. My last object of the night was Neptune. Even in the 25" at 200x Neptune is still small, but the orb is a beautiful color green. 

Kent B

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