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charles jagow

Great! It will be good to see a familiar face!

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I'll see ya at Okie-Tex, I'll be there from Friday the 1st till Sat the9th
Hope to see ya there
Dale Carey

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I am heading out for the first star party I have attended since the last ECSP.  The RMSS, Rocky Mountain Star Stare in Gardner Colorado.  RMSS is held on a 35 acre site that the Colorado Springs Astronomical Society bought about 12 years ago for their club to observe on.  The site, Starry Meadows, is located about 120 miles SW of Colorado Springs.  Lucky for me, Starry Meadows is a mere 34 miles from my hacienda in Westcliffe. 
If the weather forecast continues to improve I will pack up the 20” F5, if not I will take the 12” Orion XXG.
We had to replace the original Star Pod trailer, it lost a wheel and tore the axle up in Kentucky on the way out here, it was left in KY for repairs awaiting parts.  While waiting, someone offered to buy it, not wanting to drive back to KY and retrieve it after repairs we sold it.  The new Star Pod is a couple feet longer and has a pop out kitchen.  And it also sports a Star Pod CO license plate.
Once again Stewie (the Prozac dog) and I will be out among the stars, making new friends.
And if this goes well, the Okie-Tex star party is the first weekend in October!
Chuck Jagow
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Gosh. it is so good to hear from all you boys. We used to have such fun at East Coast Star Party; truly a time gone by.

Chuck Jagow
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