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Well, they say "Third time's the charm", so let's see...

I've send two requests for the polar alignment as offered in the original post that started this thread (see the bottom of this, and the last line of the initial post: "I can send you a copy if you don't get AAM.").

As you can see in my request to take up on this offer, I don't get AAM because I never knew it existed. I also never received any replies to the emails send to the address below (rather than having to throw this out over the entire Group). So now I'm throwing it over the entire Group. Maybe this way I'll see something.

I don't get AAM. Can I please get a copy of the "Robust Polar Alignment with Flatness Application" as offered? (At this point I would appreciate a response more than the article being offered; no one likes to be ignored.)

I may have been invisibly for a while, but I have still been posting occasionally, and I do still exist.


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Hey, Bill,

Did you get my reply to you on this when you first posted it? (I'm just checking because AOL has dropped more than a few emails on me in the past.)

If you could please email me a copy of this I would greatly appreciate it. I don't get the AAM. (Honestly, with all of the different astronomy-related mags out there, I didn't know this one existed until I read your email.) Also, thanks to my military lower back injury I haven't been able to get to any of the BBAA meetings or events for a few years now, so I'm one of those members whose posts you've probable seen occasionally, but you haven't met in person... at least I think.

"Keep looking up!"

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Bill, your article in AA was fascinating! Your attention to detail and math skills are impeccable. Not being an imager, much of it ( most of it) was over my head, but I was impressed with your work and your patience, and your detailed explanations. BTW, what does "UEPH" stand for?


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I can probably do that in October.  Oh, by the way, I am not trying to compete with out of the box equipment and software.  I just did the math and field tested it.  It works pretty well.  It is a big improvement over the old-style drift method.

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I like the idea! Perhaps a “mini presentation 10 minute” at the next club meeting?  Just my $0.02
Jeff G.
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Hi everybody.  The Pandemic gave me some incentive to finish an astrojob sitting on my desk waiting for me to polish it up.  I did that in March, and submitted my article to Amateur Astronomy Magazine, Summer 2021.  The title is: "Robust Polar Alignment with Flatness Application".  It works pretty fast (say 45 min for 3 sets of star sightings) to get to about 0.5 arcmin error in Altitude and Azimuth. Anyway,  Anything closer that that requires more sightings and is very tricky.  I thought I would share.  If you do astroimaging, then this would be a technique that might benefit you. I can send you a copy if you dont get AAM.

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