5” Explore Scientific APO and mount up for grabs

Richard Saunders

Hi folks!  I'm selling my Skywatcher EQ6-R mount.  It's new, never used, the tripod is still in an unopened box.  Reducing new price of $1649.00 by $150 as an "open box" discount.  Of course I also paid shipping and taxes that anyone locally purchasing it would also save, about $175, for a toal savings of about $825 off of an online order.   The EQ6-R is not available on-line, it's backordered. I waited 2 months when I ordered this one last fall.  The Explore Scientific ED 127 is in good condition and, like all ES refractors currently on the ES web-site, they are all out of stock as well.  Since my scope is used, I'm reducing the internet price at Explore Scientific of $1999.99 by $350 and of course you wouldn't pay the approximate $200 in shipping and taxes.  So, for both scope and mount, that would be $500 off a new online scope and mount purchase plus the shipping and handling of another $525 for a total savings of $1000.  If you've been thinking about a 5" refractor for observing or astrophotography, here's a great opportunity to get high quality mount and scope for $3150, about $1000 less than if you ordered them new online.  If you are wondering why I’m selling, I live in the woods and can’t just roll it out of the garage to observe.  Just too heavy to use a lot taking back and forth to dark sites.  Regards, Scott  rsaun58043@...

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