Re: Three extraordinary planet nights


Oh that I wish I could predict it. But there are some general ideas. Summer is usually better seeing, especially in hot conditions when there have a been no fronts coming through. Wind does not seem to affect seeing directly as far as I can tell. Maybe others have other opinions on wind. Objects are best when high in the sky

Weather here is a bit difficult predict accurately over three days advance. Oddly, seeing is often better in suburban areas than rural but you have to put up with light pollution so that is a bit of a trade off. Of course planets and the moon could care less about lights.

The best idea I can offer is to observe a whole lot. That does two things. Ups your odds of getting the great nights and improves your predicting ability as much as possible (emphasis on "as much as possible")!  Emoji

Like great performances and love affairs, you just can't order up a good night, it just happens. I certainly understand your situation. It is frustrating. I do try not to populate the list with tons of observations unless they are exceptional or worth sharing. In either case it is a bit retrospective. One other thing that may help is to acquire either Sky Tools or Sky Safari to monitor when predictable situations come up such as the jovian moon conjunction. Though I would not have proposed publicly the color attempt as the odds were quite long it could even be done. That one was 1% in the back of my mind and 99% on the spot idea.

Soooo. Ok I'll put on my psychic hat and say tonight should be  good but results may vary by user!

On Friday, August 27, 2021, 07:42:48 AM EDT, Thomas Epps <seafarer23601@...> wrote:

Terrific report! I only wish you had let us in on the favorable conditions for planetary observing earlier--say, three nights earlier. I for one have no southern-sky exposure at home and have to cart my scopes out to a field nearly a mile away to observe Jupiter and Saturn as they currently appear. Please consider letting others in on the good news when favorable conditions occur.

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