Re: Stuanton River Star Party equipment logistics questions

Dale Carey

I completely disagree Bill, I've been at lease 8 times. Just like any star party, everyone leaves their stuff out when not on the field. Nobody has had things stolen. Also, electric power is
available to all, just bring an extension cord. I set up a canopy on the field and put my camper in the  a regular elec/water campsite just 100' from the field. I ride my bike back and
forth.. Plenty of parking next to your gear if you camp on field. The field is flat and hard dirt/grass. One of the best close star parties out there. The food is great, showers are great and 
the comradery is always the best.

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Knock down as much gear as you can and stow it.  You wear a red headlight to see and don't worry about it.  Everyone has this problem.  But, if you leave your stuff unattended, it will probably walk off.  The other thing you could do is put your scope inside an astro-tent and sleep with it.  SRSP has power every hundred feet throughout the site.  They will not let you use a generator after 10 pm(time?). Incidentally, the field is reinforced with plastic mesh.  I had trouble with a Silverado.


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You can camp next to your equipment on the field. I have been there when 4 wheel drive was required. Also have also seen people with 2 wheel being  pulled out with a tractor. Not to worry!  If it's really wet big campers will be put in the parking to the field.


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From what I see on at you can set up your equipment on the field but have to camp nearby.
I am confused about how the logistics of this would work.
Would you be able to use your vehicle to get your equipment to and from the site?  This seems like it might work for setup but not when finished observing since you wouldn't want to disturb the other observers.
That implies you would have to transport your equipment back to your campsite with a wagon or something in the dark.  With tripod, telescope and accessories getting all that in a wagon would be pretty difficult.
I expect I am over complicating this.
For those of you attending the star party how do you expect this to work?

Thank you.

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