Re: Stuanton River Star Party equipment logistics questions


You are reading the general viewing, not during the SRSP dates.   


Weather depending, you should be able to park on the field with your equipment.  In the past, the field has become muddy and parking was restricted.




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From what I see on at you can set up your equipment on the field but have to camp nearby.
I am confused about how the logistics of this would work.
Would you be able to use your vehicle to get your equipment to and from the site?  This seems like it might work for setup but not when finished observing since you wouldn't want to disturb the other observers.
That implies you would have to transport your equipment back to your campsite with a wagon or something in the dark.  With tripod, telescope and accessories getting all that in a wagon would be pretty difficult.
I expect I am over complicating this.
For those of you attending the star party how do you expect this to work?

Thank you.

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