Unusual first light


We have all had multiple telescopes that each had a first light but it is not often you get a chance to first light a new repaired eye. This was the first night, after having the first of two cataract surgeries performed, that I was able to try out a new lens. No not eyepiece; eye lens. It is only a first impression with a limited target, Jupiter, but what a difference in vision at the telescope. The uncorrected eye shows Jupiter as a dull yellow disk. The corrected eye, not my dominant observing eye, shows Jupiter a much brighter white with vivid colors in the bands. There were no bad side effects such as halos or flaring. That was good. Dim stars were much brighter and easier to acquire with the corrected eye. Not having to take glasses on and off for the one power is quite nice.

After decades of observing with you all, Kent, Bird, and the old group, you think it will never change and go on forever just the same as it was 25 years ago. But time marches on at this later life stage and the eyes were wearing out fast. The universe was outlasting me as it always does for everybody. I did not realize how bad I had gotten until we replaced the lens of my eye. The difference is remarkable. So far so good. One eye down, one to go. The primary observing eye is in a couple of weeks. First light is pretty good so far. More to evaluate in the coming months but a good start on a second chance. Emoji

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