Re: The Universe In Action

Ted Forte

Tom Polakis does amazing work, doesn’t he?


I was mesmerized by many of these time lapse sequences, especially the planetaries, and the variable nebulae.  As Roy points out the sequences with Gyulbudaghian’s Nebula does indeed explain a lot.


I can remember a number of times seeing Gyulbudaghian’s (and not seeing it) since you first brought it to our attention, Roy, back in 1998, I think.





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Think the universe is moving so slow and distances so vast that no change is visible?  A look at the time lapse images here could change your mind.  Surprising motion of stars and DSO’s shown by Tom Polakis.  This from the Amastro list.


One of my fav’s is the difficult reflection nebula Gyulbudaghian’s Nebula – This image series really explains a lot about the visibility of this object over the last 25 years or so.  




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