Re: Boardwalk Astronomy June 15 2021

Ted Forte

I’ll echo Chuck – of all the BBAA outreach events I did, I think I miss the Boardwalk events most of all.  I wish I could get to them but it’s about a ten day round trip! And with my luck it would rain.




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Last night’s Boardwalk Astronomy was successful.  The skies were clear and the sea breezes gentle. Although the crowd wasn’t as large as previous years 350-400 tourist and locals alike stopped by to peer through our telescopes. There were about a dozen telescopes. I set yo my 80mm f/8 refractor. The eyepiece is low to the ground for the comfort of kids to look at the moon. It was so nice seeing club members “in person” again and I look forward to the following months at one of the best outreach programs we offer. 

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