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Matthew Cook

   The two wind turbines are the test platforms/proof of concept for Dominion Energy’s CVOW (Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind) project.  I think they’ve been out there for 2+ years now.  Should see the full wind farm in the next 2-5 years.
   Congratulations to Samantha!  On to bigger and greater things.  Hopefully I won’t be post root canal and we’ll see you next month for BWA.
Matt Cook 

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We had our first Boardwalk Astronomy event last night for the first time in two years, and you were missed!  We had a good turnout, with 10 telescopes and a rough count of 345 visitors.  (Samantha says it was over 400.)

Leigh Anne Lagoe was there, as were Kent Blackwell, Bob Hitt, Dale Carey, Shawn Loescher, Chuck Dibbs, Bob Beuerlein, and my two granddaughters Samantha and Chloe, and me.  This was Chloe's first BWA, and she loved it!  She was eagerly showing views of Albireo, Mizar/Alcor, and the Moon to passersby.  Samantha kept her 8-inch Dob on the Moon all night for some awesome views of the waxing crescent.

Before sunset, we showed the Sun, with one good sunspot, and a big prominence, visible in Dale's Coronado solar scope.  I had my ShortTube 80 and the Sun funnel on for a while, but then people started asking about the ships out on the horizon, so from then on, until dusk, I focused on multiple ships and buoys.  I discovered that there are two wind turbines way out on the eastern horizon.  I never had seen them before.

Samantha graduates from Princess Anne High School tomorrow.  She wanted your mailing address to send you an announcement.

God bless you in your new home under the stars.  I hope all is well with Karen and your family.  I hope you don't have to make too many trips back here, although we'd love to see you.  (You wouldn't even have to bring a scope. I have a six-inch Starblast you could use if you come!)


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Let your conscience be your guide, just remember I “may” have your SSN…


I shouldn’t have replied all eh?


However hayseed minded I am, I can see the milky way from my driveway with my porch light on and the corner street light as well.  For the first time ever I can SEE all of the stars in the little dipper…   And I think if the cataract wasn’t growing I might be able to see the mizar double.


Since Karen had to go back to VA to take care of the Dork (AKA Cheryl) I am so tired by nightfall trying to get things unpacked and put away each day that I just fall asleep before dark and usually don’t wake until sunup.  Not like those Virginia nights.






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Oh awesome opportunity :-), never let a chance to fill up junk mail addresses with somebody else's address :-)


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