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Roy Diffrient

Yep, that’s right, a big dish projecting a force field.  They make it look simple.


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Isn’t that why they have the big Deflector Dish on the Enterprise?




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"Shields up!"  


We will need force field shields like they have on Star Trek.


I'm sure it's possible.  A lot of the science fiction devices on Star Trek have become commonplace devices, like the pager, cell phone, iPad (they called it the "Padd" that Captain Kirk signed when his yeoman presented it to him).


I'm not so sure about the transporter, though.  I think I'd be more like Dr. "Bones" McCoy, skeptical about having my molecules scrambled.




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Interesting, thanks for passing Roy.  Great stuff to think about.  I certainly believe achieving light speed or thereabouts is possible.  The problem I see, however, even at the relatively low speed of orbital velocity, i.e., ~17,000 mph, is that sooner or later a small piece of space dust, rocks, debris or whatever, will strike the spacecraft and either seriously damage or destroy it.  It doesn't have to be big to transfer destructive energy to the craft as per Einstein's E=MC².  We don't have material that could stand the impact and likely never will.  To survive space travel at high speeds a spacecraft would have to have some type of force field and that's something I think is not likely to be developed.  

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