Re: Annular Solar Eclipse Outreach Event

Shawn Loescher

In short, no. We are only allowed to drive on the boardwalk after we have recieved one of the passes from the event company who invites us out for boardwalk astronomy. There is limited parking behind the 24th stage in the alley for us.


On Sun, 2021-06-06 at 12:07 -0400, secretary wrote:
Question on parking. Are we allowed to park directly on the boardwalk for this event?

On June 3, 2021 11:17 PM Shawn Loescher <
> wrote:

On June 10th, the BBAA will be setup on the boardwalk at 24th street (near the Old Coast Guard Station). If weather permits the public can observe the annular solar eclipse through our telescopes. Please note the time that we will be there, it's early.

More details:

Jeffrey Thornton 
Back Bay Amateur Astronomers

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