Re: Orion acquires Meade

Richard Saunders

I've never bought anything from Meade so don't really have an opinion of the quality of their products or their customer service.  On the other hand, I've bought a couple of small/beginner scopes from Orion as well as several accessories and would rate them above average for customer service and the quality of their products.  I recently called to see it I could send them my daughter-in-law's Orion Intelliscope 8" dob to them for an overhaul and they said they would be happy to service it.  The major issues were that both the secondary and primary mirrors were way out of alignment and the primary had been clamped down with too much pressure causing deformation of the mirror.  I wasn't aware of the latter and getting the scope back to the performing its optimum was beyond my capability.  The folks in their tech department were very nice on the phone and they even sent the scope back on their dime.  The only negative was that it took them  3 months to do the overhaul. I've purchased a couple of items that I ended up returning and had no problem getting my money back.  Solid company.  They'll probably help Meade become a more prominent supplier of astronomy equipment.

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