Garden Stars last night

George Reynolds

We had a good Garden Stars event last night. About 15 enthusiastic people looked through our three telescopes at the Moon, Mizar/Alcor, M5 globular cluster, and a few other things., We saw a pass of the ISS from 9:32 to about 9:37. I pointed out the bright stars Arcturus, Spica, Procyon, Castor and Pollux, and the constellations Ursa Major and Minor, Bootes, Virgo, Leo, and Gemini. Two young elementary school-age girls were very interested and knew a lot about the Moon from their school studies. We had many good questions from the visitors, and all were glad they came. Jeff Thornton, Shawn Loescher, and me, George Reynolds set up telescopes after my brief indoor presentation on the Moon and the constellations.


George Reynolds

"Solar System Ambassador" for South Hampton Roads, Virginia
Back Bay Amateur Astronomers (BBAA)


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