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Glad you found it! now it seems you need another "tool box" for astro gear.

On May 8, 2021 3:48 PM George Reynolds via <> wrote:

Praise the Lord, I found the little box with my two Pentax lenses and my dew heater and heater straps! I had told some of you that it was missing since I last used it at the January Skywatch, and I was worried that I had left it somewhere and it was gone forever. I had looked everywhere for it, in the house, in the car, in the woodshop, in the storage loft (where it should have been), with no luck.

Then, yesterday, I "accidentally" spotted it on the cluttered stairs from my woodworking shop to the upstairs storage loft, half-hidden by other stuff that had not been put away either. I had set it on the stairs after unloading the car after that Skywatch, thinking that I would take it upstairs later, when I wasn't so tired. Well, I forgot totally, and it sat there, hidden, for three months! I really need to clean and reorganize my shop and the storage oft, especially the stairway up to the loft.

I am thankful that I found it, and it was not totally gone. I actually missed the dew heaters more than I missed the Pentax eyepieces, but I surely didn't want to lose my two most expensive eyepieces!


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