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Make sure you use the moon filter! I was looking at the moon last night through my binoculars and I am still seeing spots... LoL


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I must clarify how I finally got to NGC 3242. It was a combination of the Starblast 6i to get me in the right area, the binoculars to star-hop to its vicinity, but I finally SAW it in Samantha's 8-inch Dob (which lives at my house). I found Mu Hya in the 30mm eyepiece (40X), stepped up to the 25mm ep (48X), then the 10mm (120X -- which is where I first saw the fuzzy blob that was "The Eye Nebula", a.k.a., "The Ghost of Jupiter"), and finally I tried my seldom-used 5.2mm Lanthanum eyepiece (231X) and magnified the fuzzy blob. I could tell it was not a star out of focus, because I could see a small, dim star nearby, in focus.

I was aided by the fact that the waning gibbous Moon did not rise until about 20:41, and although I was observing after 22:00, the Moon was blocked by my house. After finding my target, the Moon appeared, and I looked at it in the 8-inch Dob, without a Moon filter (Boy, was it bright!), with all 4 eyepieces. With the 5.2, I felt like an astronaut in orbit above the surface of the Moon. Now I am inspired to try to do the "Lunar II" program of the Astronomical League.


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One correction, it is George’s 6i.
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I finally got the 100th object and the last one I was missing for the Astronomical League's Urban Program, NGC3242, The Ghost of Jupiter! I got in the ballpark with Chuck Jagow's Orion Starblast 6i, but could not see it. I got out my trusty Orion UltraView 8x42 binoculars, and star-hopped from Alphard (Alpha Hydrae) down to nu1, then up to nu2 and lambda, then down to mu Hya. I had sort of memorized the star patterns south of mu, so I star-hopped through them, and -- Voila! There was NGC3242! At 120X and at 240X it was a fuzzy blob, but it was there. And it didn't look at all like Jupiter (maybe a ghost of ... something).
If I had found all the objects in the Urban List back in 2003 or 2004 when I got 90% of the objects, I would be done now, but the A.L. had ADDED one new requirement. I have to observe Algol (again), and this time I have to watch it over a period of time and estimate its brightness and sketch it.
That's a project for another night.
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