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Oh yeah, I remember Cajun Burgers at midnight!  Crazy! The Mason Dixon SP is gone too, but YCSP is getting started to take its place.


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I remember it well.  Sorry to hear the Stargazers and the Stargaze have gone the way of all flesh.


Now, who remembers the midnight Cajun Burgers at Mason Dixon?  Only REAL astronomers can stomach them (right Kent?)




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I guess I’ll have to explain.  I hope Kent chimes in here to defend himself.  And I will say on his behalf that he has greatly reformed in years since.  And this is from memory so others may remember it differently.


Long ago at Delmarva star parties the organizers provided all-night “Stargazer coffee” along with hot dogs at minimal cost.  The hot dogs, origin unknown but suspicious, were, basically, boiled in a pot, and whoever wanted one would fish it out, put it on a bun, etc.  And this went on through the night.  So hot dogs at midnight became sort of a ritual - at least for some.  And Kent loved hot dogs back then.


Then, Saturday night one year, the hot dog supply ran out, and finally there was just one left in the pot.  But it had been boiled so much that it had disintegrated.  Then the pot was unplugged.  I won’t say that hot dog had decomposed, since hot dogs may have enough preservatives in them to embalm the consumers, but it certainly did look nasty, with the many pieces of pinkish dog, no longer very hot, floating in the greasy water.  It was disgusting.


So Kent lifts the lid on the pot, looks in, and says “ Oh, one left – yum!”


We all laughed like lunatics.


All in good fun of course.  And a treasured star party memory.




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you won't live long on the hot dogs!


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Long live the hot dogs.


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Unfortunately the last event on the list, the Delmarva star party, is gone.  And unless there has been an unheralded resurrection, the Delmarva Stargazers club is gone too.  That’s a shame – we had many great times and good observing for many years at their star parties held at Tuckahoe State Park on the Eastern Shore.




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Greetings MERAL officers, presidents and AlCors,

Please share this email with your club members:

As the pandemic slowly comes under control, we are hoping to be able to hold in-person events later this year. So now is the time to make travel plans!

To that end, below is a list I have accumulated, with input from MERAL clubs, that lists all the large regional events I am aware of in MERAL territory (mostly). A couple of these are not in the MERAL territory, but they are so well known that I thought they should be included. 

Not all the events have been confirmed at this point, so I have included links to the websites for all the events if they are available. The events are in chronological order, with the events that have not determined a date at the bottom of the list.

Clear skies,

Don Knabb, MERAL Chair

Northeast Astronomy Forum, April 10 – 11, Rockland Community College, NY (Not in MERAL). Virtual event -

Astronomy Day, May 15, Northern Virginia Astronomy Club - C.M. Crockett Park, Midland, VA.  This event might need to be virtual this year due to health concerns, that is yet to be determined.

Cherry Springs Star Party, June 10-13.

Green Bank Star Quest, July 7-10 Green Bank WV. Final decision yet to be made.

Stellafane, August 5-8 (Not in MERAL), Springfield, Vermont. Website indicates the event is a go.

Almost Heaven Star Party at Spruce Knob Mountain Center in Circleville, WV over Labor Day weekend, 3 -7 Sep, 2021.

York County Star Party Sept 8-12 and Oct 6-11.

Blackwater Falls Astronomy Weekend, September 9 – 11, Blackwater Falls State Park, WV.

Staunton River Star Party (Fall), October 4 - 10, 2021, Staunton River State Park, Virginia

Northern Virginia Astronomy, Star Gaze, 10/9 Typically hosted at C.M. Crockett Park, Midland, VA.

South Jersey Astronomy Club Star Party. No fall star party date is currently listed.

Mega Meet, Pulpit Rock, PA. No date is currently listed.

Black Forest Star Party, the date is to be determined.

Delmarva Star Watch, Trap Pond DE. No information available, no website.


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