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Hey Mark,

I fondly remember spending a couple of observation sessions up at Spruce Knob, WV several years ago, and the skies were magnificent. Back then NOVAC shared the campground for those seasons. Cherry Springs, PA is another amazing Dark Sky Site, but it is one heck of a long drive up and back. Now if you have access to an airplane you could always fly up to the grass airfield across from the observation field. I attended a couple of star parties up there. I especially enjoyed the stargazing herd of AstroBuddies, back in the days before all-night generators and the sound of tv sets in campers.

Clear Dark Skies,


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I think you would be hard pressed to find darker skies than West Virginia, I could not see my car from 10 feet away. I guess the ocean would beat that (it does) but you have to enlist for 4 years and the accommodations are worse than Federal Prison. Chiefland is about a 13 hour haul from here if I recall. I lived south of there and it is one long BORING drive. I have heard good things about Staunton River but if the weather is bad I have heard it described as being like a civil way reenactment of Andersonville.

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Still going, not sure what's happening this year.

On 3/24/2021 5:58 PM, vp wrote:
is there still a Chiefland Star Party?  I went to one many years ago (2002) and enjoyed it very much.  As you say, it is a long haul from Virginia.

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Just to jump in here. I've been to Greenbank - great interactive program, Spruce Knob (Almost Heaven) - excellent skies when the weather cooperates but big storms when it doesn't. Staunton River - my favorite  - poorer skies than Spruce Knob but better weather and facilities. Coinjock, just miss the camaraderie there, Kent put on an excellent program. A bit of a drive but Chiefland in Florida has great facilities and some very stable skies.






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