If you are looking for dark skies without the star party you might look into Pettigrew State Park in North Carolina. They are quite astronomy friendly and the skies are very dark. Of course the heat is considerable in the summer but they have camping spots and are used to dealing with astronomers. Most observing is down by the Lake and not from the campground. It is out in the middle of nowhere so I suspect you have to bring food supplies.

I once went out to Cedar Island way down in the outer banks but the bugs are intolerable during the summer. There is not enough bug spray in the world.

Coinkock is open in April but according to Kent significant changes have taken place in the Cedars. Maybe he can address what he saw last week. I went down there last year in November by myself during the week. No other campers were there during mid week. I might consider a run in the spring during the week to ensure no other people are down there when I am. The sky is still good but KOA is running the place now and costs are fairly high per night. If other campers are down there it might be a problem with camp fires. Summer there is too buggy for me also. June through Mid September is out, for me, in the Cedars.

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Thanks Jim.  The Staunton event is located pretty close by and is not until October; I've heard good things about this event from some of the group members.
I'm hopeful that this one will happen and I'm going to think about attending it.  But, like you said everything is probably iffy for this year. 
When the time gets closer I'll put out some feelers to see who else might be going.

One of the other ones I was interested in was the Green Bank event about which I've heard good things from the group.  But it is in July and I doubt that will come off.

The last one I was considering was the Spruce Knob WV event in September. 
The skies there are rated to be very dark.
I haven't heard anything about this from any of the group members.  Does anyone have opinion on whether or not this is a good event?



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