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Dont forget Green Bank Star Quest, one of the best Star Parties on the East Coast , 2019 there was 14 of us from the club there.

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Hi Jonathan. There certainly are some events that certain members traditionally attend either through taste or logistics. Ian Stewart regularly attends Staunton River along with a couple of other members. Unfortunately a couple of star parties that were well attended by club members are no longer in existence. These were very popular, socially and distance wise.

One was legendary for good company, easy atmosphere, and location. But that one now seems destined to pass into legend. Nice memories for those of us who attended for years but a loss for the next generation.

I would say Staunton River would be the best attended by locals. Further afield ones like Cherry Springs and Stellaphane are not as well traveled to though Roy always attended Stellaphane way up North. That one is mostly aimed at telescope makers.

As you might guess recent conditions have killed most gatherings and I have reservations things will change much despite wishes to the contrary. I would not bet too much money on this fall's events.

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Thanks Shawn. 
I've been looking over the list and I would be interested in attending one or more of these.  Does the group do any organizing to attend these events? 
Maybe just a list of folks who are planning to attend an event and how to meet up with them at the event?
It would be nice to meet up with some club members and do a little socializing and knowledge sharing.
It might be a topic to discuss at the next meeting.


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