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George Reynolds

Mars Perseverance Landing Party (Today!),

Explorations! Friday AM (Tomorrow!)

Landing Party today for the Rover. 

Landing Party!


Mars Perseverance Rover Lands on Mars!


Thursday, February 18 (Today!)

3:15 PM (EST)

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Join us to view and chat about the landing (and 7 minutes of terror) of the Mars Perseverance rover. The Rockville Science Center will be joined by the Gaithersburg Community Museum.


Perseverance is a car-sized Mars robot designed to explore the Jezero crater on Mars as part of NASA's Mars mission. It carries several cameras and two microphones. The rover is accompanied by the helicopter Ingenuity, which will help Perseverance to scout for locations to study.


This will be a casual social event with a moderator. Just science-minded people chatting online about everything astronomical as we enjoy and share a little piece of history with each other.


We don't schedule the launch. Just the party. If landing is canceled while we are online, we will still chat a bit and reschedule the party to the next landing date/time.

George Reynolds

"Solar System Ambassador" for South Hampton Roads, Virginia
Back Bay Amateur Astronomers (BBAA)


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