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Oh. Good luck on quantifying so subjective  a thing as seeing and transparency. I have no doubt that there is a range of possibilities but finding an objective standard is I fear a fools errand. It so depends on the observer, his or her experience, what instrument they are using, and what moment they choose to assign a qualitative assessment of both. All these categories are questionable.

Some one who observes double stars constantly probably has a much better understanding than the casual observer. Today there are few dedicated double star observers understandably. I pick double stars as they seem to me to be the simplest standard for judging seeing  limits. I have heard seasoned observers state that the atmosphere here allows only a three arc second discrimination. In my experience that is far too pessimistic. Kent and I have observed doubles to around 0.89 arc second separation on a regular basis. This just shows how variable the definitions are, not that Kent or I are the final word on what is possible. Not even close.  It can also change within the space of a half an hour.

So what to do? I have a set of standard test stars that give a good guide to seeing assessment.

That said, the standard you enclose seems reasonable enough as a personal standard.

On Friday, February 5, 2021, 6:59:34 PM EST, Jim Tallman <jctallman@...> wrote:

You do know you can make your owe observing log, print it out, and keep it in a binder? 


On Feb 5, 2021 at 13:41, Jonathan Scheetz <jonathan@...> wrote:

I plan to start working on the Astronomical League's "Urban Observing Program".
For recording log entries it requires entries for "seeing and transparency"
I would like to use Sky Safari and Live Sky to log my observations but it does not have separate entries for seeing and transparency.

It has the following for "seeing" and "sky quality" (where sky quality is a measure of brightness not transparency)

Will recording seeing based on the definitions above be sufficient or will I have to use another log mechanism that allows me to specify transparency.

Thank you.

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