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I wish I could take that offer, Ted!  But I want to stay here in Virginia for the same reason Bob Kepple wants to move back to Pa.  I'm close to family here.

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Come on, you guys have to know you’ll all be underwater in a few years.  Might as well move west to higher ground before the rush, right?

Seriously, if anyone has given serious thought to following me to Arizona, I thought I’d let you know that Bob Kepple (aka George R Kepple , author of the Night Sky Observers Guide) is selling his home and observatory in Palominas AZ and moving back to PA to be close to family.  His home goes on the market this Friday. It includes a nice roll off roof observatory and Bob would like to see his 22-inch Dob go with the place.

Palominas is a “suburb” of Sierra Vista a half hour to the SE and is also convenient to Bisbee AZ.  I’ve observed at Bob’s place  several times and can attest to the fact that it’s a fine site.  The sky is 21.5 or better.

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