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OK George.  I see the submission  reqmts. are here:

I can look over your results, paper or electronic. Ultimately, they need to be sent to the observing program coordinator at the website above, Dr. Terry Trees in PA.

See also the Dec 2020 delay in submitting AL issue at:

I can discuss the above at the BBAA virtual meeting 7 Jan 21 7:30 PM. 



On January 7, 2021 at 2:26 AM George Reynolds <pathfinder027@...> wrote:

After many years of idleness, I dug out my old Urban List and realized I need just FIVE more objects to complete the list!  Bruce, I'm going to try to get it done and send it to you.

I went out in my backyard just before midnight 1/6, and observed until 0155 on 1/7/2021.  The seeing was so-so to begin with, but gradually got worse.  I was able to find and observe three open clusters of the five remaining objects.  The last two were in Hydra, and the sky was so grey by 0150 that I could see no stars naked-eye except those in Leo.  I could not star-hop to Hydra due to the poor seeing.  Maybe tomorrow night (early a.m. 1/8).

The three objects I saw were open clusters NGC2232, NGC2264, and NGC2301, all in Monoceros.  I could not locate OC NGC2539 in Puppis (Sirius was in the trees by then), nor NGC3242 The Ghost of Jupiter in Hydra.


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