Re: Observing Logs January 6


What is a bit of fun is to look for a very dim star peeking through the blackness of the dark nebula that intrudes intro the emission part of M-42. No telling how bright the star really is as there is considerable extinction due to the dense dust cloud. The dark nebula is 3 dimensional at 165x with a UHC that does not cause light loss.  

On Thursday, January 7, 2021, 3:23:29 PM EST, Ian Stewart <ian@...> wrote:

I got 5 last night the sixth was non existent - seeing was a little poopy too. I have a ES127 FCD series 7.5 triplet with the 2.5 inch hex focuser. I'm not a great visual observer but I have really gotten interested in the moon lately so have been spending the moon nights working my way through the more recognizable features depending on were the terminator is. I have ES 8 mm, 11mm and 24 eyepieces and a 2x barlow. I mounted the scope on a gemini AZ8 alt/az mount (a wonderful mount for grab and go). Will keep trying for the 6th star the next time it clears.



On 1/7/2021 3:12 PM, Kent Blackwell wrote:
Hello, Ian. Try seeing all 6 Trapezium stars in Orion. The 6th star is a challenge but both Mark O and I saw it with out 5" refractors. It's certainly easier in the 16" though. What 5" refractor are you using?

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