charles jagow

OK kids, first image from Rott'n Paws Obs in a while.
Went out to get something from my truck at sundown and noticed CLEAR SKIES!

First set up an 80mm visual rig WHOOOO HAAAAA  then opened the observatory and turned the beast on and viola! It slewed right to it, gotta love that Losmandy mount, hasn't seen power for months comes right on and WORKS!  I took everything using the manual focus knobs on the usually computer controlled Moonlite focuser, didn't want to waste time getting the laptop from the house and hooking it up, took about a hundred images and this was a crop from one of the best.  Telescope was the Explore Scientific 127 with a Televue Powermate 2x barlow and the Canon 60Da.  Effective focal length of close to 2000mm with that barlow and I managed to get both in the FOV.  If it is clear between now and Monday I will get a jump on the game and get Rott'n Pays spun up and ready to go with computerized focus and all that.


Chuck Jagow

Treasurer - Back Bay Amateur Astronomers

Rott'n Paws Observatory

    N36:46:23.281 W076:13:31.512


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