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Ian Stewart

Sounds wonderful Chuck. Looking forward to some great pics from the new location.

On 12/6/2020 6:17 AM, charles jagow wrote:

BBAA West, CO Section.


Sounds great to me.  Today I have three weeks left, sixteen more work days.  It has been a long 44 years since I joined the Navy in 1976.  Now I am looking forward to the next phase.


What is going to be hard is going from being so busy I can’t see straight at my government job, to just household stuff and BBAA outreach.  I am turning over the Treasurer’s job to Rich Roberts.


Last night at Sky Watch it was just George Reynolds and I who showed up for the club.  I set up the 18 UC and George set up his 80mm refractor.  We had about 6 total visitors.  Last month there was about twenty BBAA participants and close to a hundred visitors.  Yesterday it was cloudy all day, the weather demi-gods had predicted it was supposed to partially clear at about 6:30 PM.  It was looking like about 120% cloud cover at 6:00 PM and then at about 6:10 the Summer Triangle was exposed.  By 6:30 most of the clouds had vanished, we did enjoy a crappy view of Jupiter and Saturn just above that Western Tree line.  But Mars was great, and Uranus was the most brilliant blue I have ever seen it.  I went to Neptune just to make sure it got smaller as I thought the Nexus DSC had gotten confused.  But Neptune was even more brilliant blue than Uranus was and appropriately smaller.  George and I showed the usual suspects before the 6 visitors dwindled away and left George, myself and Meghan.  Meghan works for the park’s department and is our “baby-sitter” while we are at the NWRP.  The Chesapeake COVID Management Team has deemed that we need a chaperone to ensure our telescopes are 6-10 feet apart and we are all wearing masks.  A small price to pay to be able and get out under the stars with the public.  Virginia Beach cut-off all astronomy outreach including the popular Boardwalk Astronomy which has been the primary funding source of the primary scholarship.


Karen and I are hoping to have the house sold by the end of March.  And then the truck will be packed and we will be dragging ourselves with five dogs and two cats to Westcliffe CO.  We are going to have a modular home plunked down and we hope to be in it before the first snow flies.  I will tell you that I am not planning on shoveling any snow,  What’s Her Name can learn to wade through it to either the 4-wheel drive or the snow-mobile…


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Hey Chuck,


First let me welcome you to BBAA West! We’ll have to start referring to ourselves as “Colorado Section” and “Arizona Section”.  I’m very excited for you – I understand well how remarkable it feels to have one’s own dark sky site, a capable observatory, and the free time to enjoy it.  Life gets good!  I can predict that you will, as I do, miss your BBAA family and will miss much about the Tidewater area. But rest assured it will not be the light pollution or congestion that you’ll miss! LOL. Personally, I’d question the sanity of anyone retiring to a place where snow shovels are a thing, but each to their own.


As a long-standing member of BBAA, I’d like to thank you for the outstanding role you’ve played in the leadership of the club. Very few can match the continuing dedication and selfless service you’ve displayed over the years. I wish you the very best in your new life and hope you’ll keep in touch.


Ted Forte

BBAA West (Arizona section)





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