Re: December BBAA Info

Ted Forte

Hey Chuck,


First let me welcome you to BBAA West! We’ll have to start referring to ourselves as “Colorado Section” and “Arizona Section”.  I’m very excited for you – I understand well how remarkable it feels to have one’s own dark sky site, a capable observatory, and the free time to enjoy it.  Life gets good!  I can predict that you will, as I do, miss your BBAA family and will miss much about the Tidewater area. But rest assured it will not be the light pollution or congestion that you’ll miss! LOL. Personally, I’d question the sanity of anyone retiring to a place where snow shovels are a thing, but each to their own.


As a long-standing member of BBAA, I’d like to thank you for the outstanding role you’ve played in the leadership of the club. Very few can match the continuing dedication and selfless service you’ve displayed over the years. I wish you the very best in your new life and hope you’ll keep in touch.


Ted Forte

BBAA West (Arizona section)



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