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The first Gardenstars I attended (I think it was the very first one, but I’m not sure) was on March 13 or 14 (?) 2004 “Kevin and Barb Weiner, Bruce Bodner, George Reynolds, Rob Schonk, Steve Hamilton, and about 17 guests”   I set up the 18-inch that night and we spent about 3 hours there.


I don’t recall exactly how Gardenstars got started but I seem to recall that the idea was first floated at a TASE conference.  The Tidewater Association of Science Educators would have a convention-like event at an area school once a year.  I was a member and attended them from around 2000 until TASE was dissolved.  We would have three or so members attend with a display and solar set up.  I remember being approached about doing a joint event with the Botanical Gardens  at a TASE event  about a year before, it actually came to be.




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Sorry to say, last night's Garden Stars was cancelled by Norfolk Botanical Garden due to weather.  The sky was totally overcast.  I didn't get the word, though NBG had left me a voicemail and sent an email, so I showed up at the gate and couldn't get in.  I used the call button at the gate, and the security guard told me GS was cancelled.


I didn't carry my phone all day yesterday, and didn't check my email, so I was not aware of the cancellation.  In prior years, Garden Stars was a "rain or shine" activity.  If the weather did not permit outdoor viewing, we would extend the indoor presentation.  However, over the past two years or so, they have decided to cancel when clouds or rain interfered with outdoor observing.  I guess the people who paid money to look through telescopes were disappointed when they were unable to do so.


It's hard to believe that we have been doing Garden Stars for more than fifteen years.  I can't remember when we started, but it was initiated by former member Steve Hamilton.  I started with him, and have been to almost every one since then.  It's a good chance to acquaint new people with astronomy.




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