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I agree aesthetically the unfiltered views are the most pleasant though filters are quite useful for whatever detail you can get and some details can't be seen without them. This has been the best apparition I have seen in decades and the best we are likely to see in the next two decades (for some of us the last good one most likely!). After Mars recedes you can sell or put away your colored filters except the 56 green for Jupiter next year.Emoji

On Friday, October 23, 2020, 10:25:23 AM EDT, Kent Blackwell <kent@...> wrote:

Here are my notes from viewing Mars last night in a small 120/900 refractor. It really is the best opposition I have ever seen. I tried all my filters, including nebula filters. Oddly enough, some deep sky brought out details. I found the older OIII and UHC to be more effective than the newer versions. Overall, it's hard to beat the view without filters.

Mars (Planet in Pisces) Observed: Oct 22, 2020 at 9:55:37 PM Comment: Once again Mars looked wonderful tonight, but not comparable to how it looks in the 16". The tiny but bright white polar cap stood out. The best view was with the 5mm Pentax at 180x. I tried all my color filters and nebula filters but still prefer the view with no filter. I like red Wratten 25 for surface detail. The Tele Vue Mars A and the Vernonscope Wratten 85 Salmon are very close. Oddly I also liked the old Lumicon OIII & UHC (older "red" version) and the Orion UltraBlock. My camera ND 0.3 was also very satisfying. The Vernonscope polarizer looked very similar to no filter, only dimmer. That might be an ideal filter in a large telescope, but not the 120mm.

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