Re: Mars better than ever!

Kent Blackwell

Ted, my best view was with a 7mm Pentax XW eyepeice. At least on Mars the superb Vixen 3.4mm HR is too much power and I'm more comfortable using eyepieces with 20mm eye relief (Pentax & Tele Vue Delos to mention a few) because there is plenty of room to place the filter between my eye and the eye lens. To my of thinking it's better than having to remove the eyepiece and screw in a filter, especially to get quick comparisons of various filters. Of all the color filters I have found none match the image quality of Vernonscope's. They're not multi-coated. In fact they're not coated at all but they still produce sharper images than anyone else's I've tried. When I bought my Vernonscope filters they were a steal at $7.95 each. Now they're $39.95, still a good deal, considering inflation. 

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