Re: An observing milestone

Ted Forte

Hey Ron,


Make that Arizona not New Mexico, and sure, any BBAA’er, past, present, or future would be welcome at the “Desert Coyote Observatory” (I purchased the observatory, inherited the name).




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It has indeed been a long time, Ted!  I miss the days of observing with you and Kent and everyone else down in Coinjock.  I always get the BackBayAstro digests, but 99% of the time I skip or delete along with so many other emails.  I just happen to look at one yesterday and saw your post.  

I can not imagine what viewing with a 30" from New Mexico skies must be like.  I mean, I'm trying to imagine it, and I just can't.  You are living the dream!  If I ever get to New Mexico, can I visit?

Clear skies,

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