Herschel data

Ted Forte

Now that I’ve mostly wrapped up my Herschel project, I thought I’d share my compilation of data on WH’s objects.  The attached spreadsheet was built with the intent to share. I attach it here for anyone that might have an interest.


There are seven tabs:


“List “ is my compilation of the 2,517 objects I included in the project.  The information is from various sources, but primarily Wolfgang Steinicke. The objects that comprise the Astronomical League’s “Herschel 400” and “Herschel II” are marked.  The NGC 2000 descriptions are included. Any errors are mine.


“Non-Existent” are those Herschel-discovered NGC’s that the RNGC listed as non-existent.  Most of the explanations/resolutions are from Harold Corwin


“Steinicke Adds” contains 63 objects that the NGC/IC Project (mostly Wolfgang) determined should be credited to WH


“Steinicke Stars” are objects that Herschel described as nebulae but are just stars. This is mostly from Steinicke but much informed by Corwin


“Discovery” dates from various websites


“Notes” – My notes compiled from readings about the Herschel list. The facts are compiled from a number of sources including Steve Gottlieb’s and Harold Corwin’s webpages among others and various Steinicke publications.


“A.L. List” is the data on the 2,383 objects that comprise their approved “Herschel 2500” for Herschel Society recognition.


Enjoy or delete as your heart desires.



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