SQM Readings from Verde Mont Observatory.

charles jagow

Eyes popped open at 0415 went outside to check the haze.

The country’s wildfires are really wreaking havoc with our skies out here. Last night after coming home at 2100 I could barely see Jupiter.

Back to this morning, the skies are clear, may be some haze but I can see Orion hunting for game in all his glory. It is 42 degrees and I am out there in shorts. Not long though. I went in and grabbed the Sky Quality Meter (SQM) and headed back outside.

Pointing straight up I observed the following readings:

If I canted it slightly away from the Milky Way I peaked at 22.03 but most were 21.92 and 21.93.

So it seems very dark.

Did I mention all the damn stars? OMG.

I hope by this time next year to have Verde Mont Observatory built.

Maybe tonight it won’t be so hazy before midnight and I can do some observing with the ETX LS-6 up here on the mountain.

Elevation of where the Verde Mont Observatory will be is 8,858 feet.

Hope you kids are enjoying the storm!

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Somewhere in the Sangre De Cristo
mountains near Westcliffe CO.


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