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Bird Taylor

Hey Ron,

I share sheets. They’re perfect:

Clear Dark Skies,

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Ordinarily I could send you one of my PowerPoint slide shows, but I am in Pennsylvania, far from my computer. 

Sometimes I make copies of the sky chart from Heavens-Above or another source and pass them out to the people, and show the sky in Stellarium projected on the screen. They have a laptop and projector, and sometimes I attach my own laptop, sometimes I bring a thumb drive with Stellarium and/or a slide presentation on it, and use their computer.

The presentation doesn't have to be fancy, just basic. I also mention the BBAA outreach activities, like Skywatch at NWRP and Saturday SUNday at Elizabeth River Park in Chesapeake.  I try to answer any questions they may have (usually they don't have many), and I explain what we're going to do outside at the telescopes. Then we go out.

If you need any other help, Chuck Jagow is an old hand at it. Arch Walpole and Matt McLaughlin have also done presentations, as has Jim Tallman.

Any questions, please let me know.


On Sat, Aug 22, 2020 at 14:08, Ron Neale
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I can bring my telescope, andI'd be happy to give presentation, if you have an outline to follow.
On August 22, 2020 12:21 PM vp <vp@...> wrote:

Hey Guys,

Garden Stars at Norfolk Botanical Garden is scheduled for Thursday, 27 August at 8:30 pm.  I just realized that I can't be there.  Right now I am in Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania, helping my sister get ready to move to Virginia Beach.  We will be driving home on the 28th.

Thus, I need someone to volunteer to do a brief indoor talk or presentation before taking the people outside to look through telescopes.  Of course, we need some volunteers to be there with telescopes, too.  

I haven't heard yet from NBG how many people have signed up, but I'll probably get an email from them in a day or two.  In case they have to cancel, I will notify you immediately.

Please let me know if you can participate, and do a "Reply All" to keep everyone in the loop.



George Reynolds 
VP, Back Bay Amateur Astronomers 
Outreach Coordinator



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