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Matthew Cook

I don’t know about Saturday, but last night at Spruce Knob, WV things started off cloudy and hazy but cleared up beautifully!  Jupiter and the 4 Galilean moons were bright and clear.  Multiple bands easily visible at 154x with our 4” Mak-Cas.  Saturn was also clear and sharp, with clear gap between the rings.  Even a Saturn moon was visible in the FoV at 154x.  Alcor and Mizar were clearly separated, even in the 9x spotting scope.  And although the Ophiucus bulge of the MilkyWay was below the horizon, the rest was 5lbs of sugar spilled on black cloth.  Thankfully Luna was a late riser last night so we got to enjoy a long stretch between sunset and moon rise were the biggest problem we had was finding the correct target among a sky covered with objects.  We also saw 3 “satellites” and averaged about 4 meteorites per hour.  We got to show about 12 people some magnificent views, pointed out constellations and star finding tricks, and chatted about finding local astronomy clubs where they lived (IL, TN, WV, PA, & Oh).  Love camping there and 2nd year in a row treated to clear Class 2 Dark skies!

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Thought you might have company out there considering the rain.

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Who cancelled what?  George and I were out there until 9:00pm with his granddaughter Samantha.  Packed went home, ate a sandwich and unpacked the truck and was amazed at how much the sky cleared.  Rolled out the 12.5” and looked Jup and Sat for about an hour and after being at the NWR Mosquito Park for three and a half hours previously I called it a night and showered the big spray off before bed about 1:00 AM.  Too bad it didn’t clear on que at the NWRP while we were there.

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It’s too bad we had to cancel this month’s Skywatch due to clouds. After watching Svengoolie’s choice 1954 movie, The Creature with the Atomic Brain I stepped outside and it was clear, so set up my 5” refractor in the backyard to look at Jupiter and Saturn. Both looked so sharp and clear with 9/10 seeing I decided to split tight double stars. I’ll spare you my somewhat boring notes, but here’s what I saw.

Oh, by the way, my weather station next to my observing shed indicated it was raining. Well, with humidity level of 93% I guess it may have well been!


(Planet in Sagittarius)



(Planet in Sagittarius)


Little Gem Nebula - NGC 6818

(Planetary Nebula in Sagittarius)


HD 189073

(Double Star in Aquila)


HD 189759

(Double Star in Aquila)


HD 187930

(Double Star in Aquila)


HD 191984

(Double Star in Aquila)


23 Aquilae

(Variable Double Star in Aquila)


Pi Aquilae

(Variable Double Star in Aquila)


HD 188716

(Star in Aquila)


HD 188328

(Double Star in Aquila)


Messier 71

(Globular Cluster in Sagitta)


Gamma Sagittae

(Variable Star in Sagitta)


Dumbbell Nebula - M 27

(Planetary Nebula in Vulpecula)


13 Vulpeculae

(Variable Double Star in Vulpecula)


HD 211048

(Double Star in Pegasus)


HD 209601

(Double Star in Pegasus)


HD 208348

(Double Star in Pegasus)


Enif - Epsilon Peg

(Variable Double Star in Pegasus)


HD 204509

(Double Star in Pegasus)


Messier 15

(Globular Cluster in Pegasus)


KP Pegasi

(Variable Double Star in Pegasus)



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