Kent Blackwell

 I was ready to hop on my bicycle to find a good place to look at the comet Friday night but before I left I saw it from my own front yard.  It was only about 5° above the tree line but that gave me enough time to roll my 16 inch telescope out to look at it.  Wow, the coma was bright.  But before any envy builds up that I saw it in a 16 inch telescope let me tell you it looked better in my 12 x 50 binoculars!  I remember back in the Comet Hale-Bopp days people lined up to look at it in my 12.5” but I told them it looks better in binoculars. No one took my advice. Look for it Saturday night below the bowl of the Big Dipper. At 9:30 pm it’ll be 16 degrees altitude with an azimuth of 316 degrees. Use a compass or the compass in your smartphone to estimate its position ahead of time.

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