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Made it out with a few of the Peninsula guys to Ft. Monroe this morning. Wow is all I can say. Definitely the best comet since I got back into the hobby 11 years ago. We spotted it when it was only ~3 deg above the horizon. It was fun taking turns viewing naked eye, with binoculars, and in my 8" telescope until it finally faded into the approaching daylight. One cool thing was when the ISS went by, we were able to see both in binoculars at the same time! The experience of being on the water and watching the celestial show at that peaceful hour was quite wonderful. Other memorable sights: Venus-shine on the water, a crescent Venus bumped up against Aldeberan with the Hyades in the background, Mars mingling with the Moon, the panorama of color in the glow of dawn, and as a finale, the glorious sunrise, watched in its entirety from the moment the Sun just peeked above the horizon.

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Oh yes. The best comet in 25 to 30 years.

On Saturday, July 11, 2020, 6:06:53 AM EDT, Jim Tallman <jctallman@...> wrote:

Yes, it was an excellent morning! I went down to the beach and watched the comet this morning. Amazing is all I can say!

Got some good pictures too

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Most likely to be my last post on this subject as three nights in a row have given enough satisfaction on this object. In ten days may to try see it in the evening sky. That would be a first for me. Morning and evening comet!

Very clear this morning. Not much to add observational wise. I did try to see how long I could hold the comet in view naked eye. Knowing exactly where it was I lost it in the sky around 0517. It was still visible in binoculars at that time but the tail was in the process of disappearing at that time. Mostly gone.

I tried to do a stellar estimate of brightness but the comet was too low down so there was a lot of atmospheric extinction and there was no bright star close enough to rack out of focus. Seat of the pants guess is maybe 1st magnitude now. Still quite bright but perhaps not as burning white as the last three days.

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