Comet of the decades, no kidding.


Sell your house, quit your job, get up you lazy sod. In short do whatever you have to do to see Comet Neowise (Neosporin).

Seriously it is the best comet in decades.

Easily naked eye. I got up at 0415 this morning to clouds right where the comet should have been. BUT the sky was dead clear where the clouds were not and the clouds were moving fast. It was cool with NO haze. As the clouds opened........... I saw the second coming!

Frankly it is just astounding. It has been well over 20 years or a more since we have seen such a comet. The head was just intense! The tail huge. Stevie Wonder could see this. As it got lighter up till 5:25 the head and immediate tail was still quite visible. I ran to get my trusty P-610 but for once it utterly failed to function in the twilight of the morning. After fumbling with the camera I threw it down (almost across the yard!). I didn't want to waste a second of observing so went back to my 20x80 Binoculars mounted on the parallelogram mount. This is the first comet for the mount and binocular combination and boy what a comet first light! (It's has to be all down hill from here).

If you can get this comet which I think is -1 in magnitude right now it is below Auriga.

If you get up to the miracle of a clear day before it gets light It is worth every effort. I would bet it is still visible even now at 0530.

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