Kent Blackwell

Robert Hitt and I awakened at 4:00 am in hopes of seeing comet NEOWISE. It rises just before the sun, so evening twilight hampers views somewhat but it’s still a wonderful binocular comet.Once it rises a bit higher and gets into the evening sky it might easily become visible naked eye.

We viewed it in 10x50 binoculars and in my 4” f/8 Takahashi telescope. At 40x the tail extented approximately 1.75 degrees. At 80x the coma was bright and quite orange in color. The tail was wide, and seemed to have a dark region splitting it. 

Even with a bright moon, some early morning haze and astronomical twilight it was well worth getting up in the morning to see. 

See a few images I took at 5:00 am on Facebook.

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