Last night observing


Observing last night from the balcony. I suspect seeing would have been good but high clouds and haze dropped the transparency a notch or two. Nevertheless I was able to observe Jupiter for some time. Seeing as I said was not bad but not nearly as good as it might have been without the haze. The equatorial zone continues to look very red. I checked Christopher Go's web site and sure enough the Northern belt is very turbulent with a huge red festoon that extends completely into the equatorial zone (EZ). It is so big I suspect some will confuse it for the red spot which lies in the other belt. The southern belt has it's usual dark color but is not nearly so perturbed. There was no red spot or anything of note going on. I spent most of the night trying to achieve focus but was never completely satisfied. Saturn was brief. Titan and rhea were the two most visible satellites. The others were not visible. The moon was observed for a minute but seeing once again combined with a lot of illumination made my visit brief.

I did get up at 445 to see if it was clear enough for the comet but even Venus was barely visible in thick haze. It has been hot and quite hazy lately.

Christopher Go's web site for Jupiter: Jupiter 2020 by Chris Go

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