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Chuck, as much as you like that 14mm, the 10mm will blow you away even more.
The 14 has a bit of field curvature, not enough to be objectionable, but its there.
The 20 is worse, but again, not enough to be objectionable.
The 10 is almost perfect in every regard.  For me, its the perfect planetary EP.
The 5 and the 7 are almost as good as the 10, only a hair behind them in sharpness.
The only one I don't own is the 3.5mm - but with our seeing????  Nah, the odd night that good, I'll barlow the 7mm.

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Mark, the forecast can be used to inform your plans simply by accepting that it is wrong.  Here, you have at least one variable pinned down- the forecast can be assumed to be the one possibility that just won’t happen putting you a giant step closer to your own better guess.


And, consider this:  if you check five or six weather sites, you have a slew of possibilities you can eliminate.  


Hope that helps.




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I figured it was going to be cloudy so did not try to get any planet time. The stupid weather predictions make planning next to impossible.


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Mark who got the 7mm  I am going to try and trade my 7mm Nagler for it.




I just bought a 10 XW off of Astromart at twice what you asked for.


A testament to that 14 is that while looking at Saturn this morning, the 14 Pentax BARLOWED was sharper than my 7mm Nagler


The 7mm Nagler is my current eyepiece of choice in my 12” reflector.


I was watching Saturn this morning with my 3mm Radian, at 500X, tack sharp – it has been months since the seeing was so good.  What a morning to hit snooze on the alarm and get up at 4:30 instead of 3:00.  I could have been enjoying these planets twice as long.  It was magical.


Did I mention the Pentax 14 just about blew my ass away?  I lined up on Saturn, started the tracking and went and got the XW14 put it in the scope and WHAM, what a crisp view!  SO then comes the downward eyepiece march, 12mm Nagler, 9mm Nagler, 7mm Nagler, 5mm Radian, 3mm Radian, then back to the 7 and then to the 2X Barlowed Pentax 14 – back and forth, the barlowed Pentax was clearer than the 7 Nagler.


I spent the rest of the morning with the 3mm Nagler watching Saturn at 500x, damn Jupiter was in the trees.  Mars was glorious as well.  You know it is good seeing when you can firmly grasp that Neptune is a disc and I think I saw Triton this morning with the 12” Dob.

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I like the Pentax but now most of my observing is with my 4 inch Televue Genesis refractor. Frankly I don't know if it is true or my imagination but the Televue eyepieces seem to work best with their scopes. Years ago I thought they were a bit dark with all that glass but the ones I have now in the Genesis have superb contrast in that scope. I plan on getting a six mm Delos. I am not crazy about the 100 degree field of the Ethos but the 70 of the Delos seems just right. A six mm fits right in with my 3.5 and 10 mm Delos. The Pentax are great in Newtonians.


Sometimes the high powered high pieces are hard to use in long focal length scopes but the Genesis is only 540 mm in length. The 3.5 only generates 150x. Very usable in that refractor.


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Sheesh!  That price is a steal!!

They usually sell used for $200-250

I already own them, or I'd snatch them up.

They are outstanding EPs.



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Am optimizing my eyepiece collection to suit my current scope selection so some of them are for sale.


I have three Pentax wide field eyepieces for sale in the following sizes:





XW series. 1.25 barrels and 70 degree field.


These have been excellently maintained with no blemishes or flaws. Bolt case included. Great shape.


Asking 75.00 each. Normally $300.00 range for new.


if interested contact me here or at jimcoble 2000@...


Thanks guys.   Mark Ost

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