Re: APOD 3/29/2020, Going Deep on Orion

Stu Beaber

Yeah Bob...I think it did say that it was multi years and it was 1400 images put togather in a mosaic. I think I figured it out correctly the other day and if my math is correct it comes out to about 10 minutes an image, (using rough figures about 9.8 minutes). That is about what a lot of images use for such bright areas of the sky. Also using ordinary software that could all be automated by programing so you could sleep thru the whole thing. Processing, on the other hand, would be a bear of a job. The same software would assemble the mosaic with the correct overlap and correct background colors.


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Very interesting!  I wonder where they were to get 212 hours of cloud free night viewing.  I do not think I seen that much time clear this year.  Maybe it was a multi-year image?




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Wow, how about a 212 hour exposure of Orion?!!  Deepest I've seen.




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