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Kayce Cover

Very cool!  Thanks for sharing.  I have not even gotten a telescope yet, but I love learning about things here, nonetheless.

Happy New Years and keep up the good work, Leigh Anne!

Best wishes,.

On Sat, Dec 28, 2019 at 9:41 AM Leigh Anne <redlagoe@...> wrote:

I won the Canon EOS 7D in the scholarship raffle and have finally been able to take some images with it. Don't laugh, I'm a huge newbie when it comes to much a newb that I had to research ISO, f-stop, shutter speed and ideal settings for astrophotography.
I get the basics now, but applying them to a light-polluted night sky is a crazy tightrope act requiring balance perfection, and I've barely learned to walk.
Problems: my dobs don't have enough back focus to attach the camera and bring it into focus, so all I have to work with for now is a tripod & 50mm lens... and a whole lotta inexperience.
This photo was actually a bit of an accident. I shifted the control on the remote switch and the shutter was left open longer than expected. Woops!  Don't ask how long, I haven't even checked. Someday I'll share image details, and that someday will be when I know what they are.
As you can see, I nabbed my target M31 (the galactic center of it anyway)  but also caught a satellite or a plane. That was a fun surprise.
Anyway... It's been frustrating and I have a lot of learning and fumbling through mistakes to do, but it's SO MUCH FUN.

-Leigh Anne

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