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I'd be interested.
 - Paul

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As a non-traditional “member” (out of state lifetime, honorary), I wouldn’t feel right taking a slot from a participating on-site BBAA’er but if you decided to do this and there were slots left unclaimed – I’d jump at the chance.



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I'd be game Shawn

Jim T

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One of our club members has volunteered to donate a membership in Slooh to our club. The membership would allow up to 30 members of the BBAA to use Slooh's resources. Before the club officers and I accept the gift from this member we would like to know how much interest there is for this so the Slooh club membership isn't wasted. If you're interested in this membership and would like the BBAA to have this available please leave a comment under this post. Below are the details from Slooh's website for the benefits of this membership. Thanks.

Astronomy Club (Educators)

30 Crew accounts and an Apprentice account with administrative control

Catering to after-school programs, extra-curricular activities at schools, libraries, science centers, and planetariums, as well as amateur astronomy clubs, Slooh Astronomy Club is designed for communities to explore space together.  With support from the National Science Foundation, we have created an amazing new interface to space. Slooh is an online network of robotic telescopes situated on mountain tops around the world and patented software that makes it simple to see anything in the night sky. Join our global community which has slewed the telescopes one million times and taken over five million images to date! 

What you get


At your command are six telescopes, including a solar telescope, situated at our flagship observatory, at the Institute of Astrophysics of the Canary Islands, four telescopes based in Santiago, Chile, offering complementary views of the southern skies and three new telescopes situated in the United Arab Emirates (coming 2020), offering 20+ hours of live observing per day and unlimited photo opportunities. Schedule Missions using our automated reservation system to see the 1,000 most intriguing objects in space. 


Our astronomers are here to be your guide. They've curated everything there is to know about anything you will see and will answer your questions as you hone your skills. From classes and interactive webinars to live audio and video shows, they will train you to utilize all of the capabilities of the Slooh telescope network. 


Exploring space is more interesting when you and your members get to experience it together. They'll share their live missions with each other so everyone can look through the telescopes together and their photos so they can see what they might have missed.  They can also communicate with each other in a private clubhouse to share your experiences and collaborate in research and discovery.


Quests are designed to lead you through all sorts of exploration activities that will challenge you to hunt down phenomena in space, follow in the footsteps of famous discoveries or build image collections. 


Earn Gravity Points, collect Badges and MVP status as you enhance your capabilities and share what you know. You might track an asteroid for the Minor Planet Center or even discover aliens on your way to becoming a Slooh Astronomer!


$10 per member

A Slooh Astronomy Club account includes one administrator account and up to 30 member accounts which can be provisioned through the administrative interface. The accounts will remain active for one year from purchase. For school-wide and district level purchases via purchase order, or to schedule a demo or get a free trial account, please contact us at education@....  For more information:  Demo Video, Teacher FAQ , Astronomy Club PDFPlan Comparison ChartTelescope Specifications.

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