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Thanks, Jeff!


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Version 2.0 is now available here for downloading as well as on my website:
I have also included a revised Worksheet97 compatible for those using Apple hardware, Dino.
The .PDF is available if interested in the calculations of the A.U. sharing with other astronomers using the parallax method of superimposing photographs.
I made several corrections for spelling and lat/long at the boardwalk (these settings may be changed depending on your observing site).
Additionally, I used Stella planetarium software to note:
   Contact II time at our location:  12:37::57.5
   Contact III as 18:02::28. 
These are as accurate as I could resolve by zooming in to the Sun and Mercury.  Of course, we will confirm these by observations on site, however, this will give us a basis for a starting point.
Tomorrow, I will provide a radio time hack via WWV atomic clock signals, crosschecked with my calibrated chronometer that I will bring.  I’ll gladly call out the minutes and seconds and our boardwalk observers will be watching closely for the Contact II and Contact III moments. 
These precise timings are not very important for the AL Award, however they are important items to be shared with the rest of the world’s amateur astronomers attempting to solve the A.U. distance calculations.
I’m looking forward to seeing as many club members attending as possible.  Please use my software to help us all get the AL award for this event.
Jeff G.

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